Lesson 2

by mashkarose
If good manners are about being considerate to those around you - what do you do when you unintentionally hurt someones feelings?

Tailgating for the US soccer game I met some new people and in conversation mentioned the NYC's public service ads "fighting" obesity. The ones with fat and sugar packets coming out of soda cups. I hate these ads, they offend and nauseate me, and so I said something snarky and laughed. One of our group was very overweight, but I wasn't thinking of him as I brought it up. Suddenly it became clear that mentioning these public service ads was awkward for him - and I felt like a complete asshole. I stuttered and someone quickly steered the conversation to sex ed.. but the damage was done.

What could I have done to cover my insensitive words? When will I start thinking before I speak?

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