oysters are seductive and tasty - perfect for a party. eat oysters in month's that have an "R" in it - they are the cold months when oysters wont spoil quickly. but maybe you can risk it for a spring picnic in may...

you can purchase them straight from the farm for about $1 an oyster and shuck them yourself. (be sure to loosen them from the shell before serving) serve in a tray of crushed ice with lemon and maybe something spicey like horseradish or a ponzu sauce. or put them on a grill un-shucked. when they are done they pop open!

to eat properly: in formal situations you will be provided with an oyster fork (small two-three pronged fork), which means you should use it. pick up the oyster with your left forefinger and thumb. using the oyster fork in your right hand lift the oyster from its shell and dip into sauce. place in your mouth and swallow (some like a one-half-chew before swallowing).

to eat casually: pick up with your left forefinger and thumb. squeeze some lemon on top or place a little sauce. slurp it from the shell with juices. this is appropriate at an oyster bar or picnic, with friends or when oyster forks aren't provided (they aren't necessary).

when done place the shell face down on the platter - or throw it into the sea.

do not: pick up an oyster and place it back without eating it.
do not: cut an oyster in half or take a bite. definitely eat it whole even if its big and juicey.

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