Ambitions for the Weekend

its a gorgeous spring day in new york city! the wisteria are out, the cherry blossoms are snowing, and everyone feels festive.

tonight im going to a coworkers birthday party at mission dolores in gowanus.

saturday i may be forced to work a shift at the coop, painfully early, before heading to a bridal brunch. then dylan and i will check out the new museum's festival of ideas street fair and light show.

sunday ill get a yoga class in if i can, before making brunch for my mom and sister. maybe we'll check out the flea together after?

heres the brunch menu:

coffee + belini's

melon + prosciutto
broiled asparagus
goat cheese + basil frittata
french bread from almondine

already im trying to do too much, but with weather like this how can i resist?

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