how much do you tip for a bikini wax?

generally, i am so grateful to anyone who helps tame my vag, that I give a solid 20%, rounded up. at least $10.

i can't be friends with people who don't tip.

image from shobha salon, my fav right now. their full bikini line includes the dark nether parts without having to get a brazilian.


i can take the heat in the kitchen.. but my oven cant. the dial broke/melted we had to turn it off last time with pliers.

thank you to my lovely friend anna for her post at saveur - chilled soups.


i havent bought clothes all summer, and im not in a rush to start again. but.. if i did have to start somewhere it would be with new brown boots..

brown chelsea boots from marais usa (im excited to see their new fall collection).  $120
black chelsea boots from top shop. $150
rachel comey boots... $350
i would do a lot of things for these rag and bone boots. $550


cold noodles and bon iver in prospect park last night. pretty awesome.


i know who i am being for halloween, thank you gawker!

this is princess of spain cayetana fitz james stuart etc. who has given her billions away to marry a man 25 years her junior. cray cray and in love!

a friend who works for the judd foundation archived and made public donald judd's private library. you can not only see every book he included in his library, how he organized them, and what condition they are in - but you can FIND the exact book in a library near you. amazing resource.

explore the Judd Library


things i never want to bring up again:

any negatives about my diet/weight/how i think i look/about my friends/loved ones, and general displeasure and un-enjoyment.

topics i wish i had more to say about, and will be exploring in conversations from now on:

critical thinking + puzzles, funny coincidences, stories (fiction and non fiction), beauty, accomplishments, the present.


lunch on this summer's friday.

heirloom tomatoes, polenta, ricotta, and an egg.


stolen artworks, counterfeiting, and smuggling antiquities.. i love this side of the art world.

a tennessee trailor park was home to a rare and important painting of Jesus, thought to be of his actual face and once blessed by some long ago pope.


ok im back. its august.

i need to get happy with water, make it seem like a treat. i think i need it to be fizzy.

they sell these sodastream carbonators at the food coop i belong to, for much cheaper than they normally retail... maybe its time.