Getting dressed

Uomini by Mariano Vivanco; Dolce & Gabbana
A new part of my job has been filming male models in their underwear for a casting I am working on...

The most awkward part is their getting dressed at the end. Small talk seems ridiculous in the context, I have just seen their private parts, asked them to turn around, look directly at the camera... and then I wait with them while they get dressed. We both feel cheap I think.


In times of loss

from saipua.com
This has some good pointers on sending flowers to a wake or funeral: Funeral Wise

Some friends and I are sending flowers to a close-friend's grandmother's wake. I think a simple white wreath would help us show our sympathy and express condolences in such a situation.

You haven't been to a funeral till you've been to a greek orthodox funeral. The whole community comes out, and helps the family mourn. Its a very sad affair, but I noticed that the number of people who came to the funeral was very important to my family. Maybe it helps us realize how connected lives are, and how appreciated the person who passed is.

If you are invited to a funeral you should make the effort to go. And shiva's too!



via apc.fr
APC's collection of quilts by Jessica Ogden and Jean Touitou are interesting. I like the idea of a clothing company venturing into textiles and quilts.. but this is the only one I like. Looking for some modern quilts, funky colors, interesting materials.. the rest are so brown and homely!

Lesson 2

by mashkarose
If good manners are about being considerate to those around you - what do you do when you unintentionally hurt someones feelings?

Tailgating for the US soccer game I met some new people and in conversation mentioned the NYC's public service ads "fighting" obesity. The ones with fat and sugar packets coming out of soda cups. I hate these ads, they offend and nauseate me, and so I said something snarky and laughed. One of our group was very overweight, but I wasn't thinking of him as I brought it up. Suddenly it became clear that mentioning these public service ads was awkward for him - and I felt like a complete asshole. I stuttered and someone quickly steered the conversation to sex ed.. but the damage was done.

What could I have done to cover my insensitive words? When will I start thinking before I speak?


Ambitions for the Weekend

Tonight I'll see a friend embarrass herself in a musical for city hall's reporters. I hope recordings are allowed. 

Tomorrow its USA vs Argentina soccer game followed by a bicycle race! Thrilling! 

And Sunday is up in the air - but I plan on making veggie bouillon + yogurt, washing my windows + bras, YOGA, and maybe seeing friends for arts + crafts. thats the ambitious day. 

Heidi Swanson's Bouillon + Yogurt

RealSimple's spring cleaning tips.

Yoga in Williamsburg at Kula Yoga

Have a nice weekend! 


If a greek woman offers you food it is always rude to decline.

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Lesson 1

The lesson of last week, prompting me to investigate etiquette, was don't cc all of your friends on a hastily written, hurtful email. I wish I had learned this, like in middle school, when that behavior is at least expected. Not that I didn't pull this kind of thing back then. I'm becoming famous for inappropriate emails.