gorgeous! hand-dyed quilt from this shop found via a merry mishap. love.


saw fleet foxes last night and was brought back to summer after eight grade. the kind of summer where you live in your bathing suit, fall in and out of love, and in again, eat at snack bars and drink red colored juice, jump off bridges and play truth or dare. lovely.


a handwritten envelope by the bride is the most formal way to address a wedding invitation.

image via snippetandink.com, a fantastic source of beauty and mawwiage.

it is considered less formal to hire a calligrapher, even though it's all the rage now and some major $$$. one of those arts hanging on by a thread, the thread of etsy.

if things change to a point where i move back to marfa, tx - i'd throw myself into quilting and calligraphy and the mail.


a vintage moroccan wedding blanket from dia living. found through remodelista.com


this quilt and its colors. found through a new to me blog a merry mishap.

i've been wanting to make this one in wool felt for a long time. but not as damned cheery.

my cousin wrote this great $15 bottle review, check it out!


10 travel tips from the bbc and lonely planet.

i've been going to the bbc for news after nytimes stopped its public access...

Ambitions for the Weekend

its a gorgeous spring day in new york city! the wisteria are out, the cherry blossoms are snowing, and everyone feels festive.

tonight im going to a coworkers birthday party at mission dolores in gowanus.

saturday i may be forced to work a shift at the coop, painfully early, before heading to a bridal brunch. then dylan and i will check out the new museum's festival of ideas street fair and light show.

sunday ill get a yoga class in if i can, before making brunch for my mom and sister. maybe we'll check out the flea together after?

heres the brunch menu:

coffee + belini's

melon + prosciutto
broiled asparagus
goat cheese + basil frittata
french bread from almondine

already im trying to do too much, but with weather like this how can i resist?


Roma Wants

dylan and i leave in just a few weeks for a trip to rome and campagna!! i want to be comfortable and completely darling while we roam.. rome.

1 | neutral tops, things to layer with

2 | everything and anything from maryam nassir zadeh's store, and if i had to pick one thing

3 | a blazer

4 | still need some black strappy somethings for my feet, but these dont look like walking shoes

5 | simple white shorts

6 | a new smaller lighter wallet

7 | purty lip gloss

8 | a really juicey book for the plane

9 | a comb for my hair


phone zombies roam the streets of new york in swarms. people unable to walk and talk/text at the same time are a nuisance to others on the road, sidewalks, and in stores.

i have nothing against running into phone zombies full speed, hopefully knocking some sense into them. other, less effective, reminders that they're being inconsiderate are:

1) evil eye
2) clearing throat
3) refusal to move out of their way
4) skipping them in line

if you find yourself needing to move while speaking or texting, think twice. it will take you just as much time to step aside and finish your communications before continuing on your way. dont let the phone zombies get you!