a wedding celebration that no money could buy. the spirit of the event, the people, and the newlyweds was contagious and flawless. i heard kate did her own make-up. excuse me - HRH the Duchess of Cambridge!

from people.com


a book project i have been working on forever is finally launching may 2nd, and it looks great. mr. nars is a genius.. he made-up and photographed each of the real women.

the book is a tool for women everywhere of all ages - it shows you HOW to apply make-up.


apparently, asparagus are the only things you can eat with your hands in front of the queen.


Ambitions for the weekend

been on set the past two days so i haven't had a chance to plan my weekend..

except sunday ill try a new yoga studio with my dad's girlfriend and then eat lamb. happy easter!


not sure how i feel gushing over engagement rings as a young unmarried lady. uncouth? a little desperate? or can you allow me this indulgence because i found some very attractive rings at doyle&doyle.. ?

just some things that caught my eye..

this one says "J'aime et Jespere" in enamel and is so graphic and hip it might not need an occasion like marriage.. maybe its a domestic partner ring?

or something art deco and totally classic..

one that is beyond romantic and would match a bracelet i have...

or this big honkin' diamond with baguettes - its a little different, just a little.

and then this is what my mama has.. and i love.. from cartier.. i'd pay NOT to have to logo on there

this is the sheep costume i knitted myself for spring.

i used wool and the gang's kit to make one in navy for my mom too.


what's wrong with this picture?

i work with people raised by wild hogs and who aren't used to modern comforts like restrooms.

in the workplace you should always clean up after yourself. load your own dishes, replace the t.p., put down the lid, throw away your trash.... its all common courtesy towards those you work with... there's no excuse for slovenly habits. be professional.


Ambitions for the Weekend

tonight my cousins and i are hitting K-town for bim bim bap.

saturday yoga + afternoon drinks at Barn.

sunday a brunch party and maybe a mini-high school reunion. this weekend will be slow like molasses and i need that.


photo of The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago

if you are invited to a dinner party and
a) have been asked to prepare something for the meal
b) have special dietary restrictions
c) would like to surprise the host with a treat
you shouldn't expect use of the hosts' kitchen. they are preparing a much larger meal and you will be in their way. dont stress them by asking where this/that is or to move over and make space for you.

check with the host first about the availability of their kitchen/stove or bring something that is fully prepared and needs minimal attention.
how to ties a scarf from hermes


Black Wants

1 | black maxi dress from Zara, they know what they are doing
2 | candlestick holders for dinner parties
3 | a seriously black ring from erie basin
4 | for my toes
5 | boy's bicycle from adeline adeline. the cream is delicious but licorice would be too.
6 | i always go back to vanessa bruno's bags..
7 | some simple black strappy wedges from topshop
8 | peppery fragrance called poivre piquant (thank you invisiblemagnet.com! i have girl-crushes on you both)
9 | i'd look literary with a new Kindle case
oysters are seductive and tasty - perfect for a party. eat oysters in month's that have an "R" in it - they are the cold months when oysters wont spoil quickly. but maybe you can risk it for a spring picnic in may...

you can purchase them straight from the farm for about $1 an oyster and shuck them yourself. (be sure to loosen them from the shell before serving) serve in a tray of crushed ice with lemon and maybe something spicey like horseradish or a ponzu sauce. or put them on a grill un-shucked. when they are done they pop open!

to eat properly: in formal situations you will be provided with an oyster fork (small two-three pronged fork), which means you should use it. pick up the oyster with your left forefinger and thumb. using the oyster fork in your right hand lift the oyster from its shell and dip into sauce. place in your mouth and swallow (some like a one-half-chew before swallowing).

to eat casually: pick up with your left forefinger and thumb. squeeze some lemon on top or place a little sauce. slurp it from the shell with juices. this is appropriate at an oyster bar or picnic, with friends or when oyster forks aren't provided (they aren't necessary).

when done place the shell face down on the platter - or throw it into the sea.

do not: pick up an oyster and place it back without eating it.
do not: cut an oyster in half or take a bite. definitely eat it whole even if its big and juicey.


Ambitions for the Weekend

Tonight I'm making a greek-style cauliflower dish with wild rice for our friends Mer and Jesse.

Tomorrow is such a full day - an acupuncture session (my first!) in the morning followed by a tradeschool class on fragrances. I'll swing by to pick up the pottery Dylan and I made and then watch the Mysts of Avalon with my dysfunction book club.

Sunday Dylan and I are going to CT to have brunch with lovely old friends and maybe I'll be able to squeeze in yoga before.

morning walks

i am a sucker for succulents and cactii and this is the best indoor garden i have seen 


Diet on

By Irving Penn

Im going to re-read French Women Don't Get Fat by Mireille Guilliano, which my mother direct downloaded to my Kindle (oh so subtle!). I have tried lots of diets and this is the only one that made me feel beautiful and empowered - and not hungry. It's more than a diet really..

She has a lifestyle website that I'm just finding out about too... frenchwomendontgetfat.com , and the re-casting tips are there for free!

She is why I started making my own yogurt.

Lettres d'organization

How bloody genius is this? Use a proper little toast rack to organize your mail.
from this etsy site

Introduced to me by the lovely {this is glamorous}



via esty.com

Except for this one, and I am being gracious here, the etsy quilt makers are all living in barf city.



via Miss Moss


I am just ragged from the winter and sick of black. I need some new basics so I dont look like a mess. Im thinking mostly white + neutral with pops of black and pinks and bottle greens.

1 | Oversize clutch from Clare Vivier
2 | Black wedges with summertime strappies or something more fun...
3 | A darling bathing suit
4 | white t-shirtstons and tons of white t-shirts - I think gap has the best deal at $12 a T. $25 + is too much for a t-shirt!
5 | Hot Pink Hot Pants from Jcrew
6 | Some new high-wasted jeans and some white ankle jeans
7 | BRAS + UNDERWEAR - this situation is desperate and the foundation for feeling cute
8 | a fancy scarf
9 | New glasses which I found on a favorite blog: wit + delight

The Gentlewoman

The Gentlewoman is one of those publications I want to live through, be in, work on... I covet thee and am going to invest in it right now.